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Science, by contrast, unabashedly embraces innovation. Continually erasing its own history as it moves forward.

 -Shelia Jasanoff

I get my technocratic demeanor from my father. He brought home our first PC in 1995 when I was eight years old. 

Back when the internet was really slow and images took forever to download. 

Now I carry a more powerful machine than that computer in my pocket.

I am always learning, ever evolving and changing, moving into the future alongside science and technology.

Although I didn't receive a CSE degree, I have been surrounded by computer science education since 1995.

Now reading: "Sapiens" by Noah Harari.

Jasanoff, Shelia. (2008) “Making Order: Law and Science in Action” The Handbook of Science and Technology Studies 3rd Ed. (761-786). Massachusets Institute of Technology.